On Saturday October 2nd 2010 we launched the new Rib at the racecourse lake and she is a beauty as you can see from the photograph taken by Charlie. Ten members turned up for the glorious event celebrated with Champagne generously provided by Charlie (who won the draw on Wednesday by the way) the sun remained out long enough for all to have a play. Derek tried it first. After we filled it with petrol Kevin got to have a go and so we went all the way down through the ranks until we came to your learned secretary. One version would have it that they saved the best until last - another ( malicious ) would suggest that they left me until last so everyone at least got a go before I ruined it but true to tell it never happened. The rib is slightly larger than the old one and lies lower in the water at the back (?) than the old one. I am assured that that means that it is easier to get into than the old rib, which for us oldies cannot be a bad thing. The racecourse lake is available for future use. And the wish is to get it in the sea or such ASAP. Ideas are most welcome. Several members are on a course this month the rest of us will have to wait until the spring. Anyone willing to oversee some practice on the lake would be most welcome. Having tried the rib I want to use it again and hopefully that is the view taken by the others who were there today, in which case we could be looking forward to an interesting year next year.