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Ripon Divers


Welcome to Ripon Divers, we are a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) the UKís leading dive club and the sportís National Governing Body, providing an internationally recognised diver training and development programme via a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas.


Training is provided by members of the club who are qualified BSAC instructors. We encourage divers to increase their skills and progress through the qualifications at their own pace.


About Ripon Divers


The club was formed over 40 years ago and caters for both new and experienced divers. We have our own boat which allows us to go sea diving without the need to hire a charter boat. We regularly dive at the Farne Islands and at St Abbs (nr Berwick on Tweed) as well as other inland dive sites. There is usually a holiday overseas organised each year too.


. Pool sessions are at Ripon Spa Baths. We meet most Wednesdays at Ripon City Band club where any theory training takes place or members just meet for a drink and a chat. On the first Wednesday of the month there is no pool session, we also take a break from pool use for a period in the summer, but we still meet at 8pm at the Band Club for training and social evenings.



How much does it cost to join the club?


The annual membership of the club is £155.50 pa, however there are additional costs for training materials and kit servicing. There is a reduction in fees for junior members.


The cost for new trainees is:


Club Fee £100.00 Renewal £95

BSAC membership £55.50

Band Club membership £ 5.00

Ocean Diver Training Pack £46.00

Kit Servicing charge £25.00


Total £231.50






What does the cost of membership include?


Most of the club fee goes towards the hire of the pool and up keep of the boat. Members are welcome to use the pool each week for swimming when not training.


The club fee, BSAC and Band club subscription are payable annually.


Training is provided free by BSAC Instructors in the club, training packs must be purchased from BSAC. Members can progress through the qualifications as quickly or as slowly as desired.


Scuba kit is provided by the club until completion of the Ocean diver training. Members will need to buy their own mask and snorkel for the pool training. A wet or dry suit and fins will be required for open water training. Kit needs to be serviced regularly to ensure it is safe for use therefore a one off charge of £25 is made to cover this.


Other members of the club will be happy to provide advise on buying or hiring equipment.


What is involved in the training?


Ocean Diver is the first level that provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving. The Ocean Diver course prepares for this in the safety of a swimming pool or sheltered water and an introduction to open water in a controlled, safe manner. Experience and confidence will be gained under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Maximum depth - 20m.


There are usually 6 pool sessions and 7 theory lessons. On completion of the training there will be a theory test. Trainees must then demonstrate they are competent at the same skills in the open water.


There is no pressure to complete the training within a prescribed time, by learning and practicing over a number of weeks rather than in an intense program trainees can be sure they are fully competent at the skills required for an ocean diver.

Further qualifications are Sport Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver can be provided by the Club. For more information about this visit



What is expected of members?


Ideally trainees should try and attend every week during the training period to maintain their skills. We appreciate this may not always be possible due to work & family commitments or through illness, however if unable to attend any sessions please let the instructor know as soon as possible.


A set of equipment will be provided at the start of the training and trainees must store and look after the equipment until training is completed. The instructor will advise how to maintain and store your kit properly.


We hope you enjoy being a member of Ripon Divers, more information can be found about BSAC at


Should you have any further queries see our contacts page